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Push Notifications

unlimited messages

Includes Loading Screen

displays your logo

globonet trafic

Includes Smart App Banner

to advertise your app

Enables instant app download.

Advertise your app on your website.

Reach 100% of your visitors.

Interactive Demo

Built-In Geolocation

get customers in the door

Step-by-step directions.

Detailed map.

Click and Go.

Pull in nearby customers.

Premium Widgets

to increase your sales

Professional Templates

premium look and feel

Management Dashboard

intelligent and complete

Interactive Demo

48HR Customer Support

communicate with our team

Be Featured

iOS & Android

globonet app on the app store

Take On The World!


$5000 activation + $1500/month

Unlimited push notifications.

Unlimited content uploads.

Unlimited data storage.

Unlimited updates.

Be featured in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

Includes custom logo loading screen.

Smart app banner integration.

Premium widgets & tools.

Unlimited dashboard access.

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