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Our Mission


We give small businesses the prestige and presence of the major corporations.


The global popularization of the smart phone has ushered in the new age of computing. Mobile applications are becoming ubiquitous, and will eventually become to mobile devices what websites were to desktop computers.


In 2020, every major retailer around the world has already completed their migration to in-house mobile apps to showcase their brands. The global presentation standards have been permanently raised and those left behind will not seize the opportunities of this era. The problem with mobile apps, is that they cost a fortune to develop and maintain, thus leaving out countless small businesses that operate on shoestring budgets.


Our company was founded on August 28, 2015 in California, with the commitment to elevate small business entities. Our mission is to shatter cost barriers to allow small businesses owners everywhere to establish their true mobile presence. We provide low cost, rapid deployment mobile applications for restaurants, retailers, salons, spas, events, places of worship, nonprofits and more. Each mobile app will allow its merchant to sell goods, make reservations, push promotions, events, and handle customer service. The apps are specifically designed to boost sales and increase customer traffic, to help grow any B:C organization that deals with customers or members.


Our mobile apps are feature-rich and will be functionally comparable to any app belonging to any major corporation on the market today. Each Globonet-enabled business will manage its own mobile app through a dedicated management dashboard.

We understand that you are the best at what you do.

We will remove the headache of software development so that your business can look amazing in this new era and allow you to focus on what matters most. Your customers and your business!


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